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5 Best Platforms for Creating an Ecommerce Website

Having an online store in place can significantly increase a person's business. About 87% of all retail purchases across the UK are made...

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5 Ways to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

  Technology has become a crucial part of our lives. We are very obsessed with gadgets like smartphones, laptops, desktops etc. However, they are reducing...

Features and reviews of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max have been...

Apple has launched its latest mobile phone in the market called Pro. But to say the least, there are certain criteria for dominating...

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5 Best VPN for Android Smartphones.

  It is important to keep your smartphone safe when you use the Internet. A trusted VPN hides your IP address so you can stay...

Xbox One S Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Xbox One S represents a major upgrade over its predecessor, the Xbox One, and has some new offers to enhance the gaming experience....

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? How it works

  Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow the provision of private network services to an organization or organizations on a shared infrastructure. VPN Backbone is a...

Comparison between Android OS and Apple iOS

  In recent years we have seen a 'fight' between multiple technology companies to dominate the smartphone market. Especially at the software level to mark...

The best apps for editing photos professionally on Android devices

  There are times when the photos you click don't look right, even after a dozen attempts. Photo editing apps are indispensable on such occasions....