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Top 10 Useful Android Apps on Google Play


It’s not easy to decide which apps to have in your Android phone from the myriad pool of apps, but we’re here to help you with a desirable list of solid useful apps that everyone should have and some lesser known and innovative apps that you can do. Find the most useful for routine tasks. Here is a record of the best Android apps that have been nicely crafted to meet the diverse needs of users.

1. Unlock clock

Google recently launched a new digital wellbeing experiment, Unlock Clock which is basically a wallpaper that keeps track of how many times you use your phone in a day and displays a constant number on your phone’s home screen. This is a great way to get more aware of your phone addiction.

2. Snapseed

It is an award-winning software design by Google that offers complete photo editing tools that are also used by professionals.

3. In shorts

This app saves a lot of time as people have less time to get the details in this fast paced life but still want to stay updated. It provides news stories in just 60 words that can be read in just 30 seconds

4. Apple Music

If you have music skills, Apple Music should be in your mobile phone. Its wide collection and friendly user interface make it one of the best in the industry. Apple has recently slashed prices across all segments in India.

The revised plan provides students with a monthly stipend of Rs. 49 persons were given Rs. 99 at a monthly rate and Rs. 149 offers a monthly subscription per month. If you are new to Apple Music and would like to try out the service before purchasing a subscription plan, there is also a three month trial period offer.

5. Camscanner

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. You need to scan an important document and send it to someone immediately.

6. Clap! Phone finder

If you can’t find your smartphone then you don’t have to worry anymore. Just clap your hands to activate your phone to produce sound. If someone steals your phone in a crowded place and makes it silent, it can be very helpful in that situation.

7. Remote mouse

It’s a great app that lets you easily turn your smartphone into a remote control for your PC. The fact that you can use your PC from the comfort of your bed makes it wonderful.

8. MyScriptCalculator

Sometimes it is so boring or so complicated to write expressions that all your time is wasted searching for symbols. There comes an application because it carries out mathematical calculations by your signature.

9. Google Assistant

It simply makes it easier to use your mobile device by notifying your mobile device and enabling the use of all kinds of functions.

10. AZ Screen Recorder

Its primary function is to record your screen as a video. However, this app also has a screen capture function.