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The best apps for editing photos professionally on Android devices


There are times when the photos you click don’t look right, even after a dozen attempts. Photo editing apps are indispensable on such occasions. There are hundreds of photo editing apps to choose from. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for an Android user to find the type of photo editing apps that work best for him.

Some of the top editing options in the photo editing app are Brightness, Contrast and Orientation. But this is normal. Some features are similar to lightweight desktop editors, while others are unique to applications. Let’s take a look at the refined features offered by photo-editing applications that make them timely:

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express has a minimal and simple interface. Application-enabled editing is powerful as well as quick and easy. Some of the basic features of the app are flip, rotate, straight and crop.

Photoshop Express also has one-touch filters. Likewise, there is a whole variety of effects. With a frame, auto fix and colors to choose from in the image, the rendering engine is one of the advanced features of the app. It can handle large files, such as panoramic photos. They also have a noise reduction feature, which works to eliminate spacing and unwanted grains in night photos. Overall, the app has over 80 filters for instant photo editing.

The best part is that the app is free to download and add for free. The person can also use the app to share photos on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt has had over 100 million downloads so far. It is one of the best photo editing apps for 2019.

What makes PicsArt unique is that the user has a lot of options to customize his photographs. It also comes with a built-in camera and customized options for sharing your photos on social networks.

Using PicsArt Photo Studio, a person can create a collage, draw someone’s photographs, frame them or add stickers to it. Additionally, using the brush mode, one can add effects to different parts of the image or add different effects together. Effects is evolving rapidly and is powered by AI.

The built-in camera enables live effects for your photographs, and you can also enable double exposure using the layers to define the levels of transparency.

The app is free, but some in-app purchases may be required if you want to run it ad-free.

Footer Photo Editor

Fotor comes with a truck load of amazing tools and features to enhance the image. They also got a lot of filters and photo effects. One can alternatively create 10 editing functions, each of which is customizable. This makes it easy to edit the contrast, exposure and brightness the way you want.

There are a number of fine collage templates like Magazine and Classic. This allows the user to create some beautiful collages. The app is free to download but still includes ads.

Photo Director

PhotoEditor is essentially a photo editor application with various functions and features. While the tools are simple, they are also powerful for managing the tone and colors of your image. The interface is user friendly and stylish.

The application is marked by an in-app camera feature. This allows live photo effects to be applied immediately after a person’s photographs are clicked. The person can also click their own photographs and share them quickly on social media. The Content-Aware tool removes unwanted objects from photographs, while the D-Hayes tool removes mist, fog, and mist.