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How to disable shake to shuffle on your iPhone or iPod Touch

The Shake to Shuffle feature on your iPhone or iPod Touch lets you switch to another randomly selected song in your Music app without tapping the “Next” icon. With Shake to Shuffle, you push the iOS device back and forth, forcing your music app to move your playlist to another track. The purpose of this feature is to make it easier to switch to another track by adding convenience to your music app.

If you’re running or running, however, you can accidentally shake your device enough to trigger the feature when you don’t want to change songs. Unless you disable Shake to Shuffle on your iOS device, it will continue to switch songs as you play or move and will probably get on your nerves. Fortunately, disabling Shake is easy to shuffle on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Go to the Settings app.

    One of the original apps on your device, the settings app is gray and has two gear wheels on it. Your Settings app is used to change your preferences for every other app, including the Music app, formerly known as the iPod app.

  • Select the music app.

    Once you get into the Settings app, you’ll see options for settings that apply to your entire device, as well as a list of all the apps where individual settings are available. Scroll down to the third group of options on the screen and tap the line with the music app icon.

  • Toggle shake to shuffle setting

    Once you have the Music Settings screen open, tap the white circle next to “Shake to Shuffle” to change its setting from “On” to “Off”. When the blue bar disappears you will notice that the setting has been disabled, and the word “off” appears in faint gray letters. Settings changes take effect immediately, so you don’t need to restart your iPhone or iPod Touch before the Shake to Shuffle stop.

  • Press the Home button

    Once you’ve finished switching your shake to shuffle settings, pressing the Home button will return your iOS device to the home screen. Your iPhone or iPod will not automatically reopen the Music app, even if it’s still running in the background. To reopen the app and see the song controls, just tap the Orange Music app.

  • After you turn off the shake to shuffle, the setting will be disabled until you manually change it again. You can run, jump, and move your music app once again without the risk of accidentally moving to another song track.

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