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Best budget laptop for students 2019


Students’ laptops are in high demand. With the start of the back to school season in 2019, this trend has become even stronger.

As a market trend, online retailers nowadays are trying to introduce the best budget laptops for students. Comes in a whole range of discounts and attractive deals. There are cases in which a person may spend less than expected.

Laptops for students are more useful now than they used to be. Existing computers have more capabilities than ever before. They support a whole range of software.

In the same vein, a number of courses nowadays also have special needs. Similarly, if someone goes for Google Chromebooks, they get access to Google Docs which is free to use.

Laptops can be used to access HD video lectures. The good quality of the speaker also helps in study and recreation after spending the day in college. The best part about student laptops is their high affordability. Let’s consider some of the best options available in the class:

  • Dell XPS 13

DELL XPS 13 has raised its level anew. It is one of the most refined laptops available in the market and has undergone significant changes over the years. The performance of the laptop is undoubtedly top notch.

The DELL XPS 13 has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 – i7 CPU that is very sleek. Intel UHD Graphics 620 supports graphics card gaming. A reputed webcam is the best option for streaming and vlogging. It is a portable powerhouse with a 13.3-inch full HD display. A student wants to take a laptop beyond education.

  • Acer Chromebook 15

ACER CHROMEBOOK 15 runs Chrome OS and is the best in the class. The main features of the laptop are its attractive price, long lasting battery and high-end monitor.

Despite being cheap, laptops are also very capable. The user experience is responsive and fast. Most importantly, the 15.6-inch screen that comes with the device adds to the fun. The ACER CHROMEBOOK 15 is a very basic laptop for the student, which serves its purpose well.


The HUAWEI MATEBOOK X PRO is a durable laptop and offers the best performance of all laptops made in 2019. The robust device provides adequate resources for all projects, regardless of the subjects the student takes.

The main features of the HUAWEI MATEBOOK X PRO include its aesthetic chassis. The monitor is top-class, with a 13.9-inch 3K display. The graphics are also top notch, and the device has an Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5 GPU. This makes it a top choice for gaming enthusiasts. The battery also lasts reasonably long.

  • HP Pavilion 14

The HP PAVILLION 14 is an all-round laptop and is the perfect value for money. The quality of the laptop is top-grade. It lasts reasonably long.

This may not be the most powerful of the available laptops. It may not be the most stylish. But despite that, it has very good quality which is appreciated by the right specs.

  • Lenovo Yoga 530

If your study involves 2-in-1 computing, the Lenovo Yoga 530 may be the best option.

For students, versatility is an important factor and Lenovo Yoga 530 takes it into account. If you don’t need a full laptop, it will double as a tablet. This makes it easy to take him to seminars or lectures.

When you capture a video, you can install it in a slanted position. You can use the stylus on the touchscreen, but the cost of the accessory is extra.